PULLIP DOLLS- pullip dolls are a Japanese collection  doll. Yes i know they have a big head.They are  not plastic doll they can brake easily WARNING they can brake easily!!!!! They have diffrent kind of style there about 6 or 5 inch i think im not sure. They have diffren't  typs body.
CLOTHES-they can fit barbie clothes,some bratz clothes,liv doll clothes thats it!!!! ^.^
WHAT THEY COME WITH-they come with  the doll  a stand and a card with info about her and more stuff.
WIGS- you can take off there hair but its hard you can also buy NEW WIGS!!!!! how cool is that!!!
DIFFRENT DOLL- they have pullip, Taeyan dolls they are boy doll but there taller and last but not least Dal there smaller then pullip dolls there boy and girl and they have sad or angrey face.

Taeyang doll
pullip doll
Dal doll